„ Analog feeling applied to digital remote control”

In earlier days it was said “a good amplifier needs just one turn button”. The re:puk proofs this concept for the actual digital audio and video devices. The fundamental functions of your media player are controlled just by turning it. Changing the upside face of the remote switches between volume control and track change. A vibration signal gives feed back to the user.


„ simple, stylish, functional”

The re:puk connects with the target device using Bluetooth Low Energy. Connections to other Bluetooth equipment like speakers or headsets are not affected. The device is powered with a build in rechargeable battery. Charging is possible with a usual inductive charger. The first version of the re:puk is ready to connect with Android and Apple devices.



The objective of the development was not to implement thousands of functionalities in one remote control but the reduction to the essentials in a simple but stylish casing. The wooden laser carved cases are hand made in the black forest. A patent is filed for the functional principle. The re:puk will now be developed for pilot production.



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